Mentoring Programs Can Help Prepare New Talent

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal titled ‘How Do I Do That?’ The New Hires of 2023 Are Unprepared for Work discussed how the pandemic and a shift to remote learning and working has led to a perceived deficiency in the workplace readiness of new and younger employees. According to the article, employers across industries are experiencing a lack of interpersonal, professional and social soft skills in their less experienced employees and candidates.

One proven way to address these skills or experience deficiencies is through guided mentoring programs such as CivilianCyber’s Technology Enabled Engagement with Mentoring™ (or TEEM) program. The TEEM program consists of a combination of a high-quality training curriculum and critical thinking/soft skills and applied knowledge supported by mentoring by an experienced professional.

Mentoring programs offer numerous benefits to employees and organizations alike including:

– Allowing for the successful transfer of institutional knowledge from more experienced employees to less experienced ones.

– Tailored learning programs that can help to address individual employee or student needs and employer requirements.

– Development of soft skills such as communication, problem solving, adaptability and leadership that are vital to success in most any profession.

– Networking opportunities can be established beginning with the mentor / mentee relationship which can lead to increased collaboration and networking connections.

– Increased employee engagement can lead to improved employee satisfaction and ultimately higher retention rates.

CivilianCyber’s TEEM program has proven to be successful with dozens of college students helping them prepare for careers in the real world as well as companies looking to provide employees with the guidance, support, and knowledge they need to thrive in their roles.